A New Bug Is Affecting Raids and Trainers Are Losing Raid Passes

Green Screen Of Death Bug is Killing Trainers Dreams Worldwide!


Another day another bug found in the game of Pokemon Go. for about 2 months we have been receiving word that trainers are unable to capture a raid boss Pokemon once it is beaten in a raid boss battle. The bonus capture challenge was glitching out.

We have received 200+ reports of this bug, on doing some deeper digging we found a few more things about this bug, and what you could do to mitigate this bug. There are some workarounds to this bug but only in come case will they work, otherwise you are at a loss as your raid pass is lost. I know this sounds confusing, let me do some explaining to clear it all up.

The Green Screen of Death Bug happens on entering the capture challenge and does not prevent you from catching the boss, but you need to restart the app before.

Several users reported being unable to see the real boss CP after restarting the app. Apparently, after the bug occurs, all Trainers that participated in the battle see the same (wrong) CP on the encounter screen. Even though everyone sees the same CP after rejoining, the real CP was already set and if you catch it, it will be different for most people.

Well, the Workaround for this is that all you gotta do is, pay attention to when the raid boss CP stops dropping. This is the true CP of your encounter. In order to prevent Raid Pass loss, do not join a raid if the timer is under 5 minutes – you simply won’t have the time to restart and engage the capture challenge.

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Although this might always work, let me tell you an example, the other day we received a text message from one of the Pokemon Trainers in the USA, he says that this bug does stop you from catching a Raid Boss Pokemon. Kindly note this happens only when the timer runs out.

He and his Friends took down a Raikou earlier, the raid timer had run out by the time we beat it, it gave them the Green Screen, all that he could do is restart the game, only to find that there was no catch opportunity for all of the members in his raid group. Additionally, it didn’t award him with all your items. He only received 20 revives instead of the standard array of multiple types of items. Other players did receive their full allotment of items. He Sent us Screenshots so you check it out over here too.

In our testing to see how bad the bug was, our team went out and tested the bug with 1 and multiple players in a battle and it was stably reproducible almost every time. The cause seems to be server side, so there isn’t much to do but to sit and wait.


Bad News For Majority Of Pokemon Trainers Who Wants To Catch Unown and Mr. Mime

Pokemon go already having a blast with its current going Equinox event and Ex raid has something more for its fans.There’s good news for Pokemon Go fans living in Japan.You heard me right only Japan. As Niantic is hosting another region exclusive  new event in Japan. Mr. Mime and Unown will be available to capture in late November.From Nov. 23 to 25, both Pokémon will appear in the Tottori Sand Dunes.

Tottori Sand Dunes are the only sand dunes found in Japan, caused by a unique confluence of sediment being pushed out into the Sea of Japan by the Sendai River and then being pushed back into shore by sea currents. The dunes are massive but have recently shrunk in size due to the construction of sea walls to stop tsunamis from wrecking the coast.

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The event is largely intended to bring local players out into the area, so Pokémon Go players can enjoy the natural world around them and not just the Pokémon world inside their smartphones

Unown and Mr. Mime are both pretty rare Pokémon. Unown is hard to find across the world, so his appearance at the Tottori Sand Dunes could drag trainers throughout Japan to the location. Meanwhile, Mr. Mime only appeared in Europe for events in the past, so his appearance in Japan is a major opportunity for Japanese Pokémon Go trainers interested in catching him.

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Whether Mr. Mime will soon appear in other trainers’ home countries remains unclear. It’s also hard to say if this is a precursor to more rare Pokémon events inside and outside of Japan, or if Unown and Mr. Mime’s appearance is just a one-time event. But either way, the event is sure to delight Japanese trainers, especially after some had their EX Raid invites revoked due to location discrepancies.

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