PokemonGO: Exclusive New Event Announced For One Country! Your Questions Answered!


With all the backlash that Niantic has been receiving for the past couple of weeks for “Global Events not being Global Enough”. Looks like Japan is getting yet another exclusive event. Earlier today we received confirmation that The “Tottori Sand Dune Event” will be happening on from November 24, through, November 26, 2017.

The event will be held at Tottori sand dune (Yutama Fukubo cho, Tottori city). As always with Niantic, there is no specific geographical location that was provided, but we sure do expect that the event radius will be much more than anticipated.

This is an event that is sponsored by Niantic, making it another official event that Japan has scored. Before we get to talking about why Japan gets more event than the rest of the world let’s discuss the details of this event first.

The event is being held In the Tottori Prefecture this event is being held so that many people will experience the majestic nature of Tottori sand dune, the largest sand dune in Japan.

During the duration of three days of the event, in and around the sand dune area, we will be expected to be greeted with Mr. Mime and Unown. Unfortunately (or fortunately, you be the judge), there is no special raid event that will be taking place in the location, so no special gym badges or no special entry passes no BS like that. Just a plain old localized event. Goes without saying we can get to see another Alphabetical Unknown set once again. Gosh! I miss those Alphabet Soup Days.

The Official website for the event also mentions that there will also be various hospitality unique to Tottori prefecture and Tottori Sand Dune as a part of the event (Tbh, even I didn’t get that! Thank You Google Translate!). Well, rest assured you can have a great time at the location and enjoy your time at the event if you plan on going over there.

Moving on to answering that question that most people might be asking. Why the Heck does Japan have frequent events while we get left out? Well, there is only one answer to this question. Simply put, Tourism. Japan’s economy is dependent on inbound Tourism. According to a study done by World Travel and Tourism Council, Japan has a high Relative importance of Travel & Tourism’s total contribution to GDP.

The Government of Japan has recognized this fact and took certain steps that Tourism be tied up with the country’s Anime culture and tradition. Japan is the birthplace of Pokemon, you can only expect Niantic to host more events at their So there you have your answer that’s why Japan get’s more Pokemon Go events than any other country.


Pokemon GO Double Bounce Is The New Talent

Players at Pokemon GO have discovered a new amazing type of trick of throwing a Pokeball which causes the Poke Ball to bounce off a Pokemon twice before catching it. The trick throw doesn’t actually impact anything in the game, but it’s still a new discovery and players around the world are now trying to replicate it.

Image result for pokemon go throw

The double bounce requires perfecting crack timing and quick reflexes. Basically, players throw a curveball at a Pokemon as they’re attacking. The Poke Ball bounces up into the air after hitting the Pokemon once. The spin of the ball then causes it to hit the Pokemon a second time, this time when the Pokemon is able to be captured.

Image result for pokemon go throw

The double bounce technique is surprisingly tricky, as it requires just the right amount of curve and angle to get the ball not to fly away. That’s why many Pokemon Go players didn’t think the bounce was possible, even though we’ve seen players claim it was possible for months.

Related image

While there were reports of the “double bounce” throw for at least a few months, it wasn’t captured on video until this weekend, proving its real.

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