PokemonGO: The Trendiest Way to Catch Pokemon!


Another day, another new viral trend. That’s the life of millennials right? Well true to certain extent. Recently there was a new trend that is going viral in the world of Pokemon Go, and you might not believe it.

At this point, it is not known if this is a bug or an actual feature that developers intended (it can be) this is called as a “double bounce catch”. And it means exactly as how it sounds. Briefly speaking it involves throwing a Pokeball in a way that it bounces off of a Pokemon and lands back on it, resulting in a successful catch.

Research on this strange trend started with the discovery of this Reddit thread that discussed such a possibility. The Internet did take the research on this subject pretty seriously and made up all possibilities as to how this thing works, it was found that this phenomenon is not actually impossible and happens in extremely rare cases. There seems to be no apparent reason to think that this not intended by the Niantic’s developers.

From all the research there has been done till now, there is a little guide as to how you can recreate the results once when you play on your next Pokemon hunt. A few tips that you could use to recreate these effects are,

The target Pokemon must be finishing its attack animation, but it must not be finished
You will need to curveball the wild Pokemon at the right angle so the bounced ball hits it again (this is the most tricky part)

If you are up to the challenge it’s better if you start out by trying it on weaker Pokemon like Pidgey and other common Pokemon. And keep in mind not to waste too many of your precious balls for this trend.

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So far the highest number of recorded bounces is three (IKR, sounds crazy!!), as shown by a Ukrainian Pokemon GO player YMZ TV. The video below shows him catching an Arcanine with a triple bounce. I think the number of bounces that you get depends on the angle you hit that Pokemon at and also on the physical structure of the Pokemon that you are facing off against, as with most other things in the game, more research is needed. But hey, this is still a freaking cool way to catch Pokemon in Pokemon Go.

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