The Reason Why ‘Limit Breaker’ Might Be A Temporary Power Up!


The Limit Breaker is supposed to be Goku’s new form that he is going to achieve shortly in his battle against Jiren. It has now been talked about for over a month now, and the key visuals were out for quite some time ago. Apparently, Jiren is the strongest person in the Tournament of Power.

But, Goku is fighting him, so he’ll probably be on his level soon enough. It would make sense if Goku decides to go all out and uses SSB against Jiren. But, judging from what we know about him, it is definitely not going to be enough. Goku will need something better to defeat Jiren.

According to the spoilers, even Kaio-ken x20 will not be enough. Goku has previously used Kaio-ken x10 with Super Saiyan Blue form, and will now be using Kaio-ken x20. But even then, it is said to be no match for Jiren’s monstrous power.

We know how strong Goku is in this form. But at x20, he is said to be not even a match for Jiren. How strong is Jiren really? I can’t even imagine to contemplate his current power level.

According to the spoilers, the next plan that would come to Goku’s mind would be to use a Spirit Bomb against Jiren. we haven’t really seen the Spirit Bomb in quite some time, so it will be great to see it once more.

But, there’s a big question of whether or not it’ll work in the end, and I’m not quite sure if it will.

What I do sore happening is, Goku not firing the Spirit Bomb at all. Instead, he will be taking in all that energy, and that’s what’s going to let him unlock the Limit Breaker form. Maybe someone like Zeno or Beerus may even give him their power.

So, in that way, he could become really powerful really quick. But, the thing is, if the Limit Breaker had been achieved via borrowed power? How exactly will Goku use it again? He can’t just ask people for energy all the time.

This leads me to believe that maybe Limit Breaker form is actually just a one time thing. Goku might use this form in order to beat Jiren, but after he’s won, maybe he won’t be using this form again, because it just won’t be possible to do so.

If that’s the case, then it is even possible that the Limit Breaker will temporarily put Goku on the same level as someone like Beerus. But, that’s all speculation so far, honestly. We’ll find out what he Limit Breaker is very soon. However, I do believe this is the it. I strongly believe it won’t be a permanent power up.

Do you think the Limit Breaker will be a temporary power up? Let me know in the comments section below!


Will Vegeta Get a New Power in Tournament of Power?

Vegeta is a member of the Universe 7 team that’s taking part in the Tournament of Power itself. He’s even been with the Z Warriors for quite some time now. Vegeta, being around the same level as Goku, is one of the strongest characters in the Tournament of Power, and that goes without saying.

He’s already knocked out a couple of fighters on his own, and generally he’s doing good. But, to be honest, Vegeta hasn’t really fought someone seriously and all the main fighters who are taking part in the Tournament of Power are still there. How does Vegeta compare to them?

Vegeta has been training with Goku under Whis for a long time now. He’s improved a lot within a short amount of time. He was able to learn Super Saiyan Blue as well, and he’s improved quite a bit on it. However, when you look at someone like Goku, Vegeta falls short when it comes to power, and ability both.

Many of you claim that Goku and Vegeta are evenly matched, but that’s really not the case. Vegeta is far behind Goku now, and that’s mainly because of the Kaio-ken technique. Ever since Goku has found a way to stack Kaio-ken with the Super Saiyan Blue transformation, he’s been steps above Vegeta. There’s no way Vegeta can fight Goku as he’s now, and that’s really bothering.

What’s more, Goku will be using Kaio-ken x20 with Super Saiyan Blue now, and that means Vegeta will fall even further behind. Then there’s Goku’s new transformation, which is probably going to put him on the same level as Jiren.

Vegeta is nowhere near his power level really, and that needs to be worked on. The only way that can really be pulled off is by giving Vegeta a new transformation. Blue is very powerful, that much is true. But, in order to catch up with Goku, he needs something else.

Goku has almost always been one step ahead of Vegeta. But, Vegeta always catches up soon. When Goku became a Super Saiyan, Vegete trained and achieved it as well. He achieved SS2 like him as well. He also reached Super Saiyan God level, and unlocked Blue as well.

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