[SPOILER] Is Returning For A Big Role in Season 8 of Game of Thrones!


Game of Thrones Season 7 had many characters returning to the show, as the climax of the series came ever closer. We got to see a lot of old characters once more in the series. Gendry returned to the scenes, we got to see Hotpie once more.

More importantly, there were many reunions in the season as well. The Stark siblings were able to reunite. The Lannister siblings reunited as well, and so did Jon and Tyrion. Going in to Season 8, all that’s going to be a little difficult now.

This is because of the fact that the Dead are upon us now, and we only have six episodes left in the series now. So, there won’t be a lot of characters returning in the series.

However, Melisandre is one of the few who I think will be back in Season 8 of Game of Thrones. Melisandre is a Red Priestess from Asshai who was introduced as early as Season 2 in the series. She was a staunch supporter of Stannis Baratheon, and believed he was Azor Ahai, born amidst Salt and Smoke.

However, Stannis was killed off in the show, and that shook Melisandre’s faith. This was until she found Jon Snow. When Jon died, she played a major role in bringing him back to life.

It was her who brought him back. This led her to believe that Jon Snow was, in fact, the Prince That Was Promised. But, things didn’t end well with Jon Snow and Melisandre.

She was told to leave the North and never return. Melisandre did make a short appearance in Season 7, where she united ‘Fire and Ice’, but she soon left for Volantis.

However, she mentioned to Varys that she’d be back one more time, to die in Westeros, just like him. This is an extremely important point to notice, and it confirms that Melisandre will be back in Game of Thrones Season 8.

She had always been by the side of the Warrior of Light. Melisandre is going to continue her job, and like she said, she will be very useful in the Battle against the Dead. She has a bigger role to play in the series.

Right now, the Dead have entered Westeros. The war has now begun, and nobody will remain safe anymore. The Dead need to be defeated, and I think Melisandre is going to play a huge part in that.

She is going to return to the North once more, and for the final time. I don’t think she survive Season 8, though. She said herself that she’ll be dying in Westeros, and Season 8 is definitely going to mark her death then.

Do you think Melisandre will return in Season 8 of Game of Thrones? Let me know your thoughts and Interesting responses in the comments section below!


Arya Stark Might Kill [SPOILER] Character in GoT Season 8

Arya Stark has come a long way in Game of Thrones. For someone who knew nothing in the first season, she has done exceedingly well. Just like her Stark siblings, she overcame what she had to face to become the strong person that she is today.

Arya has trained with the Hound, and she also went to Braavos to be a Faceless Man. Of course, she didn’t stay there for long though. Arya left the place back in Season 6.

Coming in to Season 7, she was a big part of Game of Thrones, as she has been every season. Her first job was to kill Walder Frey, the person who had betrayed Robb Stark and her mother. She didn’t even leave her sons alive.

Being the deadly person that she is, she annihilated the entire Frey House via poisoned wine. She was going to murder Cersei Lannister, however, as she met Hot Pie, she was told that Jon Snow had won back Winterfell and now, he was King in North.

Arya reached Winterfell quite early, and she didn’t do much there. Here biggest role to play at Winterfell was to execute Littlefinger. Arya made sure she was the one to take his life after Bran helped them to find out all about his betrayals to House Stark.

His execution was carried out in the finale of the Season, and you couldn’t help but wonder who Arya’s next target will be. For now, Arya will.be taking part in the battle against the Dead. She has a Valyrian Steel dagger, and that pretty much is a confirmation of that.

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