Sir Crocodile’s Dark Past and Secret

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Hey guys. The Crocodile was one of the earliest Shichibukai to be introduced in the series. He was introduced to the Alabasta arc. Crocodile or also known as Sir Crocodile is one of the most powerful characters in the series. Crocodile has a bounty of 81,000,000 beris.

He was the leader of the Baroque Works. Crocodile planned to bring down the entire kingdom of Alabasta as he wanted to find one of the ancient weapons. However, his plans like almost every other villain were foiled by Luffy and co.

After his defeat, Crocodile was imprisoned at Impel Down. It looked like Crocodile would remain there for the rest of his life, but his greatest foe became his greatest ally.

When Luffy came to Impel Down, he freed Crocodile as Ivankov assured him that Crocodile wouldn’t do anything to him. However, there’s one big detail that many fans might’ve missed; Ivankov said that he knew about something about Crocodile.What is this secret?

Well, actually the truth is actually quite surprising. Ivankov is a miracle man and we know that he can really perform miracles. Crocodile also bears a grudge against Whitebeard. What would the reason be? Again it related to Crocodile’s past. Crocodile is actually a woman who has been turned into a man by Ivankov. Whitebeard rejected Crocodile when she wanted to join his crew. The scar on Crocodile’s face is probably Whitebeard’s doing. Crocodile later asked Ivankov to help him and turn him into a man.

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