What’s Up Otaku fam!

I’m back again this week with my remix of Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood’s opening theme song “Again” by Yui! This one was actually suggested by my fans and it turned out to be a great suggestion! I really had fun working on this one. The vocals were great and the overall tone of the soundtrack was exciting to be involved with but it was just as equally as challenging as it was exciting. Learning the initial chord progression was easier than the last couple remixes but that’s also where the challenge came in. It’s simplicity was a bit challenging to engineer the high energy out of it like I usually like to bring out with my electronic productions.

So, it goes without saying this one took me a bit longer than usual to complete but it is complete and it is here! Hope you enjoy it! You can download the track Here.  Next up is a very special request and a bit of a deviant from anime and into the realm of gaming. My video editor [Prinze Mehkel] requested that I remix an Original SoundTrack (OST) from the extremely popular game Assassin Creed! So, be on the lookout for that one! XD


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-Marco B.

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