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Jon Snow’s Sword Did The Weirdest Thing And You Totally Missed It

Hey guys. A lot of things in the most recent episode of Game of Thrones. The episode named “Beyond the Wall” has sparked a huge wave of excitement in the fans. The episode was totally crazy. Many people consider it to be the best ever episode of Game of Thrones.

In the episode, Jon Snow leads an army, to fight the army of the Night King. You would have to watch the episode again to believe what was really going on. The raiding party was only saved by the intervention of Khaleesi. Before the tears come out, R.I.P Viserion, we’ll never forget. I’d like the readers to spear a thought for it.

Luckily the other two are safe..for now. The biggest surprise was how did Jon Snow manage to escape despite being left behind. But, there is one detail that was left unnoticed by the fans. So, what was the detail?

When Jon Snow came out of the bone-chilling water, the focus immediately changed to Jon’s sword, the Longclaw. As soon as he taps his hand out, Longclaw’s eyes pop open. You might not believe my words. See the photo below.

I think we all know what is happening. My best bet is that it’s Bran’s doing. He might be warging into the Longclaw. The other possibility is that a soul could be trapped inside the sword. Could it be Azor Ahai? Or is that Longclaw becoming the new Lightbringer? I’m not even sure which is the best explanation but the whole speculation is worth going through all the trouble to find the answer. I still strongly believe that Bran could be behind all this. So, I’d place my money on him. That’s it from me. I hope you enjoyed it.