USA is Getting Another Regional Pokemon For Short Time


Trainers, the Golden State of California, is going to get a Regional exclusive just for this weekend. This is awesome news for all those trainers who love Pokemon. A couple of weeks ago, news broke that Niantic will be increasing the spawn rate of Unown in Europe and also allowed the Australia’s exclusive Kangaskhan to spawn in some cities due to the cancellation of Pokemon GO Safari Zone Event.

Following that, Niantic just announced that the same regional exclusive will also be available in Anaheim, California. The city is approximately 25 miles (40 km) southeast of Downtown Los Angeles. The city roughly follows the east-to-west route of the 91 Freeway from the Orange-Riverside county border to Buena Park.

To the north, Anaheim is bounded by (from east to west) Yorba Linda, Placentia, Fullerton, and Buena Park. The city shares its western border with Buena Park and Cypress. Anaheim is bordered on the south by (from west to east) Stanton, Garden Grove, and Orange. Seeing this, it seems like this place is pretty much filled with parks. Just like how it happened in Europe (at some places only) we might see the Kangaskhan spawn radius to be much larger than previously expected.

This time these exclusive spawns are not because the Niantic messed up again but instead it’s actually a bonus to honor the 2017 Pokemon world championships that will be held in
Anaheim, California.

According to Junichi Masuda, one of the founding members of the Game Freak and director of the Pokemon Games, the region exclusive Pokemon Kangaskhan will be spawning in Anaheim, California from August 18-20th.

“Just for this weekend in the Anaheim area, Kangaskhan will be appearing in the area. And there are also rumors going around that Tauros are appearing in even greater numbers than usual. I hope you all get a chance to catch them.”

This announcement was captured and recorded on a live stream on Twitch handle. In addition to Kangaskhan spawn, Masuda also confirmed that Tauros spawn rate will also be increased. So trainers can expect to see more of them in the wild these coming days.

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20 Pokemon Stronger Than Team Mystic’s Legendary Bird Articuno

Pokemon Go is introducing legendaries and more new updates to come. Last month Articuno was released and many trainers caught it, it was incredibly hard to catch but yeah many trainers got it.

We have compiled a list of 20 Gen 1 and Gen 2 Pokemon that are stronger than Team Mystic’s Legendary Bird Articuno. In case you don’t know, Articuno is a the weakest of all 3 legendary birds.

Mewtwo – Max CP: 3982

Image result for Mewtwo pinterest

Dragonite – Max CP: 3581

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Snorlax – Max CP: 3355

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Zapdos – Max CP: 3300

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Rhydon – Max CP: 3300

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Gyarados – Max CP: 3281

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Moltres – Max CP: 3272

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Vaporeon – Max CP: 3157

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Mew – Max CP: 3083

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Ho-Oh – Max CP: 4650

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Tyranitar – Max CP: 3670

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