Top 10 Strongest Logia Devil Fruit Users in One Piece – RANKED

Strongest Logia Devil Fruit

There are all sorts of Devil Fruit users in One Piece ranging from Paramecia, to Zoan, to Logia. Logia Devil Fruit users are often considered very powerful, atleast in the first half of the Granline. Their biggest skill is their ability to turn intangible, and become their element itself. Today, I’ve made a list of the best Logia Devil Fruit users in One Piece.

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10. Monet

Monet was a member of the Donquixote Pirates, and worked with Caesar at Punk Hazard. She was powerful pirate, who had eaten the Yuki Yuki no Mi, which allowed her to turn her body into snow. Monet could use it very well, and even defeated Tashigi with its powers.

9. Caesar Clown

Caesar Clown was in an llisnce with Doflamingo and the Yonko Kaido. He was a former Marine scientist, but after he completely destroyed one island, he was branded as a criminals and has a bounty of 300,000,000 Berris. Caesar was also logia and used the Gasu Gasu no Mi to control the gases.

8. Smoker

Smoker is a Vice Admiral in the marines. He’s also called Smoker ‘The White Hunt’ because of his Devil Fruit. Smoker is a user of the Moku Moku no Mi, which allows him to turn his body into smoke. He can also use two Haki types.

7. Crocodile

Sir Crocodile was one of the strongest Shichibukai once. He was a user of the Suna Suna no Mi, which allowed him to turn his body into sand. Crocodile’s was possibly an awakened Logia, just like he said. He was extremely powerful, and could even defeat Luffy twice in battle.

6. Enel

Enel was the God of Skypiea, and was also known as God Enel. He possessed the Goro Goro no Mi, which allowed him to turn his body into Lightning. This devil fruit had a reputation to be invincible. His bounty would be over 500 million berries had he been on the Blue Sea.

5. Portgas D. Ace

Portgas D. Ace was the second division Commander of the Whitebeard Pirates. He was very powerful, thanks to the powers of the Mera Mera no Mi. Ace was able to manipulate Flames however he saw fit. He could even destroy a fleet all alone.

4. Aokiji

Aokiji was once a Marine Admiral, and he possessed the powers of the Hie Hie no Mi. This allowed him to turn into ice at will. Aokiji was also a Haki user, which made him even more powerful. After the Timeskip, he joined the Blackbeard Pirates.

3. Kizaru
Kizaru is a Marine Admiral who possessed the Pika Pika no Mi. He’s extremely fast, and he can also use Haki. Further, he defeated 4 supernovas alone at Sabaody Archipelago, pretty easily. He was also able to fight against Marco the Phoenix on equal footing at Marineford.

2. Akainu

Akainu is the Fleet Admiral of the Marines. He’s a user of the logia Magu Magu no Mi, which allows him to manipulate lava. He is very powerful, and his Haki level is immense as well. Akainu survived after being brutally injured by Whitebeard, and even defeated Aokiji. He’s the strongest admiral for sure.

1. Blackbeard

Blackbeard Wake up

Blackbeard is the strongest Logia Devil Fruit user, despite it not giving him intangibility. He ate the Yami Yami no Mi, which gave him he ability to absorb everything, including other Devil Fruit abilities. He’s truly a monster. And that concludes my list. You can leave your views below in the comments section , and let me know what you think.


Top 10 Strongest Pirates Ever in the New World

The New World is the second half of the Grand line, where most of the strongest Pirates exist. Rarely any pirate survives this sea. It is even more dangerous than the Grand line itself, and it’s rulers are the Yonkou. Today, I’ve ranked all the strongest known pirates in the New World.

Let’s begin—

10. Jack

Jack is one of the three right hand men of the Yonko Kaido. He’s a powerful pirate, who has eaten the Zou Zou no Mi: Model Mammoth. Jack was able to destroy the country of Zou all alone. He even fought equally against Inuarashi and Nekomamushi.

9. Charlotte Cracker

Charlotte Cracker is one of the three known Sweet Commanders of the Big Mom Pirates. He’s a user of the Bisu Bisu no Mi, which allows him to manipulate biscuits. Cracker fought Luffy for 11 hours, and would’ve killed him if it weren’t for Nami’s rain.

8. Jozu

Jozu is the 3rd Division Commander of the Whitebeard Pirates. He’s one of the strongest members. Jozu is a user of an Unnamed Paramecia that allows him to turn his body into Diamond. He can also use Busoshoku Haki, and it is very powerful.

7. Marco

Marco is the First Division Commander of the Whitebeard Pirates. He’s a very powerful character, who has eaten a Mythical Zoan type of Devil Fruit that allows him to turn his body into a Phoenix. Marco can recover from any damage done to him. He is also a Haki user.

6. Katakuri

one piece new bounty

Charlotte Katakuri is the right hand man of the Yonko Big Mom. He’s their second strongest member, who has the highest known bounty as of now. Katakuri is a Paramecia type of Devil Fruit user. He can also use Haki. His Observation Haki lets him see some seconds into the future.

5. Blackbeard

Blackbeard is the Captain of the Blackbeard Pirates. He became one of the Yonko after the war with the Whitebeard Pirates during the Timeskip. Right now, he’s one of the strongest characters in the series, but we haven’t seen the extent of his powers.

4. Shanks

Shanks is one of the 4 Yonko. His powers aren’t known, but just being a Yonko makes him one of the strongest Pirates in the New World. He must be extremely powerful.

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