What’s Up Otaku Fam!

It’s me, Marco B.!, It’s been awhile since I last blogged but I’m back and even better I’ve come bearing gifts! I’ve been through alot with my music career recently and I decided that I’m going to chronicle this awesome journey right here on AnimeBlog! Starting with the remixes I have been working on lately! I realized that my love of anime and manga was only rivaled by my love of their amazing opening original soundtracks! Then it hit me, I thought to myself why not express my love for the music in my favorite anime by remixing them and reimagining them in the form of an electronic composition!


Thus, Tokyo Ghouls insanely catchy and popular opening theme “Unravel” was born! I took the song in a straight forward direction as the original was already insane, I wanted to take the listeners focus and direct it to the beautiful vocals. I wanted merely complement the delicate intensity of the track!


Soon after I released “Unravel”, and to my surprise, I started to receive tons of request for more remixes and I excitedly got to working on my next favorite OST or (Original Sound Track) which was Naruto Shippudden’s season 3 opening theme song, “Blue Bird” by the incredibly talented Ikimono Gakari! My goal was the same with this, a primary focus on highlighting the vocals but this time with a more intense track to bring out the underlying epicness of her vocal performance!


I hope you enjoy these remixes as there are PLENTY more to come from my personal favorites to some of the HIGHLY requested ones. I’ve listened and I will deliver! So be sure to subscribe to my YouTube to catch all my new remixes early and Like and Follow my Facebook page for announcements regarding upcoming Remixes and Live shows coming to cities near you! Also, don’t be afraid to request a remix, I just may remix your favorite OST next!



-Marco B.