Everyone Who is Going To Be Eliminated From Universe 7 – First To Last

universe 7 elimination order

Dragon Ball Super current opening seems to be carrying useful information. If you skip openings then, you might wanna start watching this one. At first I thought it was just an opening thing to be like this, but since it was corresponding with what happened in the anime, I found it very interesting. This tendency doesn’t happen in openings only, even endings and video games trailers might contain useful information.

You would notice that in the opening, some of universe 7’s warriors where holding dragon balls. Krillin was holding the one star dragon ball and got eliminated first. So there is a chance that the other six members who where holding dragon balls could be eliminated according to the corresponding number of stars on their dragon balls. The opening revealed it to be like this:

1. Krillin

 He was holding the one star dragon ball and got eliminated first. This was going along with the order that the opening was showing.

2. Tien

Image result for tien tournament of powerHe appeared holding the two star dragon ball, so with the opening’s logic, he is the second one to face elimination.

3. Master Roshi

Corresponding to the three star dragon ball he was holding, he might be the third one to follow.

4. Piccolo

He had the four star dragon ball, so following the same logic, he comes after Master Roshi.

5. Android 17

Android 17 had the five star dragon ball with him, he could be the fifth one to fall.

6. Android 18


She holds the six star dragon ball in the opening, following after android 17.

7. Frieza

Frieza appeared with the seven star dragon ball, probably the seventh warrior to fall.

All this is just a theory, it might not go strictly with the list. But since things seems to be going in this way, there is a good chance the opening might be carrying absolute hints. Gohan, Vegeta and Goku didn’t appear. They are probably on the top 3 from universe 7 who lasted longer.


Tournament Of Power Warriors Ranked From Weakest To Strongest

I’ll be ranking Tournament of Power’s 20 Weakest to Strongest warriors, this list is based on facts and my opinions.

18. Tien Shinhan

Image result for Tien shinhan pinterest

17. Basil

Image result for Basil dbs pinterest

16. Frost

Image result for Frost dbs pinterest

15. Cabba

Image result for Cabba dbs pinterest

14. Bergamo

Image result for bergamo dbs pinterest

13. Android 18

Image result for android 18 dbs pinterest

12. Android 17

Image result for android 17 dbs pinterest

11. Brianne de Chateau

Image result for brianne de chateau dbs pinterest

10. Caulifla

Image result for caulifla dbs pinterest

9. Piccolo

Image result for Piccolo dbs pinterest

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