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Well, here we are.

Out of curiosity, I did some maths. Beginning at Chapter 320, which was also my first article with this website, I have now reviewed a total of 251 chapters of Fairy Tail on my blog OTAKU NUTS, thanks to Fairy Tail Zero, the Special Side Stories, the random Spin-offs by other artists, and of course the main series which ends today with this final extended chapter. And how was it? Well, let’s find out together, shall we?

This extra-long final chapter begins in the year X793, a year after the war started, with Lucy being given an award for her book “The Adventure of Iris”. The pretentious folk of the event are all surprised to see Lucy so young, and they are quite horrified to see how the mages of Fairy Tail celebrate at this prestigious party… with noise! Gasp!

Having fun? At a celebration?! Oh the audacity! (monocle pops out from the indignation)

We get a lot of the classic interactions, almost like a highlight reel of the past 544 chapters. Gray strips and glares with Natsu until Erza smacks them. Gajeel eats something he shouldn’t. Juvia gets weepy-drunk and starts to strip too because she picked up Gray’s habit. and Lucy is majorly embarrassed.

…….I think I just realised which character I am in this series.

Lucy then gives us a quick summary, about how she actually finished the book she’s been working on piece-by-piece and how she was given the award for it. Her book hasn’t made her rich but the sales are steady and she’s achieved her dream of actually being published. I’m not going to get too into my personal life since you aren’t interested, but as a budding writer myself, I can say that this scene really struck a chord with me.


Oh and Anna is still here! In her only appearance alongside her descendant, we learn Anna has become a teacher in a small village and we move on as quickly as we learn that. Gajeel makes a remark about how Anna and Lucy have the same smell, which is why Natsu likes Anna. Natsu just shrugs and agrees, causing more blushing.

I love how fanfiction writes Natsu as this smooth talking son of a bitch who confesses his love dramatically, but then the canon version…

Levy then whispers something in Gajeel’s ear, and the blushing reaches a new level as Lucy is sure she heard “baby” in there. And if you think Lucy misheard, Wendy’s red face proves her right. And now we get a few more panels showing what other supporting characters have been up to. Wendy is doing more performances with Sherria, who is also starting to get her magic back. Sabretooth had another eating contest with Minerva winning, Ichiya became the leader of Blue Pegasus and Mermaid Heel became the exclusive models of “Sorcerer Weekly”.

From now on, I will refer to her as “Thirsty Levy”. I don’t know why.

We get a touch of more humour with Cana and Gildarts, before Gray drags a drunk Juvia out of the party because she’s had too much. Gray notices Juvia still has the scar from when she stabbed herself to save Gray, and he has the same one too. Gray tries to tell her about getting it healed and this somehow results in a sort-of confession.

When these characters first appeared in the Grand Magic Games arc, did you picture this being their end? I don’t think you did.
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