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Today I’ll be reviewing the anime series Darker than black, is it worth spending your time or you’ll just have to ignore the hype of the anime series.

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Darker than BLACK is an interesting series brought to us by animation studio BONES. It’s also an oddity in anime where the battles are more interesting than the actual show. Read further for my explanation.

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Unlike most anime, most of Darker than BLACK’s episodes are almost entirely two-parters. The plot is usually the following: Hei (in his “college transfer student” Li personality) interacts with people (talking to his apartment neighbors, go shopping, etc.), then talks to Mao, gets a mission from Huang, does it, meets someone, some plot occurs, Yin may/may not show up, and the contractor of the arc dies or gets away. On its own it doesn’t sound like much, and you’d be right.

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Hei is a cool, versatile character, but he’s also a bit under rated in his Black Reaper. The other leads – stoic doll Yin, grumpy man Huang, and talking cat Mao(this cat is interesting though) .My personal favorite was Mao, who occasionally lighten the mood with some humorous insight/reactions. Huang’s interesting in that he is the only one of the four who is 100% human, but he’s often pushed aside comparing to the other cast members. Yin’s character design stands out quite a bit, and her later character development actually explains quite a bit of her past, more so than I thought the show would.

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