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Legendary Raid Egg & Details

Legendary Raid Egg also know as Dark Eggs, due to their shell color are seen in code. Which are officially given name as “ Legendary Raid Egg ” here’s a list of all legendary Pokémon that can hatch from Legendary (Dark) Raid Eggs? These Pokémon are all Level 5 Raid Bosses and it’s still unclear when and where they will be released. We know that they are hatched from Legendary Raid Eggs.

Rare (Yellow) Raid Egg Bosses
Raid Tier
 Raid Boss
As Boss
Raid Catch (max)
★★★★★ (5) Articuno ??? ??? No
★★★★★ (5) Zapdos ??? ??? No
★★★★★ (5) Moltres ??? ??? No
★★★★★ (5) Mewtwo ??? ??? No
★★★★★ (5) Raikou ??? ??? No
★★★★★ (5) Entei ??? ??? No
★★★★★ (5) Suicune ??? ??? No
★★★★★ (5) Lugia ??? ??? No
★★★★★ (5) Ho-oh ??? ??? No


Although unlike Normal Raid Bosses and Rare Raid Bosses, Legendary Raids are not yet available in-game…until now but is expected to be soon. For such a legendary fight, the best pokemon would be GOLEM and TYRANITAR.

Pokemon GO is an ARMG that took the world by a storm in 2016 by Niantic and the Pokemon Company. The game runs on all iOS and Android devices. Here is the official trailer of Pokemon GO: