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Tons of Otakus all across the world have dreamed of visiting Japan in an effort to fulfill their lifetime need of anime or culture. Most of these Otakus believe Japan is really expensive to live in or visit which is untrue and really just depends on your lifestyle.


Most hostels will charge between 2,500-4,000 JPY per night for a dorm room. Capsule hotels cost between 3,000-5,500 JPY for a tiny little room (that’s really a pod). If you’re looking for privacy, expect to pay around 8,500 JPY for a double room at a budget hotel. Ofcourse you can also stay in a Cyber Cafe which offers you a cubical, internet, a computer and a public bathroom that some have showers in for a very cheap price of 1,450 JPY.


The best places to go eat in Japan are Ramen spots or Sushi bars with very long lines, even though most of us don’t like to wait. Long lines outside Japanese restaurants mean the food there is the best around for a cheap price. These food options range from 250-1,250 JPY. Fast food is around 800 JPY. You can also find plenty of cheap meals at 7-Eleven. We highly suggest you cook your own food though and avoid fresh fruits and vegetables as they cost a fortune.

Typical food prices:

  • Sushi lunch sets (sushi, soup, salad): 1,600+ yen
    Traditional Japanese set lunches: 1,200+ yen
    Sushi trains: 100–500 yen
    Small pasta: 399 yen
    Western meal set menu (sandwiches, burger, or pizza with drink): 1,200 yen
    McDonald’s Value Menu: 600 yen
    Ramen: 700 yen
    Tempura dishes: 80–120 yen


Most temples and museums are free to enter, although some popular attractions cost around 1,250 JPY. You can also visit Japanese clubs or Cyber cafe’s for cheaper prices though drinks and other needs will obviously cost extra. Also Shop at the 100 Yen ($1 USD) stores as they usually have food and hygiene items for you to buy.

Suggested daily budget:

8,000-9,000 JPY / 65-100 USD


 Transportation in Japan is actually pretty expensive as traveling to Tokyo from Osaka can cost around 20,000 JPY.  Most of the city metro tickets cost 125-250 JPY for a single journey and cab fares pretty much depend on how far you’re going.  In most major cities, you can buy a 1 day travel pass, which gives you unlimited travel for 24 hours for around 600-800 JPY on select trains and buses. Inter-city bus tickets cost around 2,500 JPY so we recommend you get a Rail Pass to travel as it’s a lot cheaper.

Places to Visit:

  • Hiroshima
  • Akihabara (Anime City)
  • Tokyo
  • Osaka
  • 47 Ronin Grave site
  • Musashi Miyamoto’s grave site/memorial

One of the most attractive sites in Japan for Otakus is Akihabara as it’s the anime capital of Japan. There’s a bunch of monuments and statues of Anime characters like Goku and Luffy all around this area for you to visit. They’ve even got Naruto ramen shops and parks for you to visit. Tokyo also has a bunch of anime spots to visit, such as the Pokemon Center or the J-world Tokyo theme park that’s based on all of the top shonen-jump animes. This theme park also has a food court that has many of our iconic anime foods for sale.

Overall the cheapest you can survive in Japan on vacation is 50$ USD a day, which isn’t too bad though you’ll most likely be eating out of ramen shops, staying in cheap hotels which some hotels will actually let you work for a few hours to stay there without paying. There are tons of landmarks to visit in Japan, most of which are amazing visuals. If you liked this guide be sure to let us know in the comment section below and have a wonderful day!

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