Summer Season Anime You Must Watch in 2017!

Summer Season Anime You Have To Watch

We’re almost about half way through the spring season of anime for 2017 but the summer season has even more surprises! We’ve already seen plenty of good anime for the winter and spring season and the summer season is very promising. There will be sequels to old anime but there will also be many new anime and here’s a few you should definitely watch!

Ballroom e Youkoso

English Name: Welcome to the Ballroom

Episodes: Unknown

Airing Date: July 2017

Genres: Comedy, Sports, Drama, Romance, School, Shounen

Summer Season Anime You Must Watch in 2017!

Originally a manga series, this tells the story of Tatara Fujita who is a high school student. He wants to achieve something but he’s pretty slouchy. He gets bullied by the local bullies who hit him up for cash and one day, he gets saved by Kaname Sengoku. Fujita finds out that Sengoku isn’t some karate master, but actually a ballroom dancer. He pulls Fujita into taking beginner lessons in ballroom dancing. He’s partnered with his schoolmate, Shizuku Hanaoka who is a dance prodigy. Fujita decides to dedicate his whole life to ballroom dancing, in hope that he will succeed.

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