Portal Recon opens in Brazil and Korea: 9000 new Poke Stops added world wide!

Poke Stop

Niantic just announced a release of over 9,000 PokeStops and Gyms along with the opening of Portal Recon which allows ingress players to submit Portals for Ingress players. These new Portals will most likely lead to future Poke Stops as the games‘ current list of Poke Stops were compiled from a list of portals from Ingress.

Here’s a note from Niantic about the PR program for Ingress:


Starting today, we will be opening Portal submission requests via the Ingress scanner for Level 8+ Agents in Brazil and Korea. Before submitting potential Portal candidates, please ensure that you familiarize yourself with the guidelines for high-quality Portals. Portal submissions will be analyzed in the Operation Portal Recon tool by our Beta-tester Ingress Agents. While not all Portal submissions will be accepted, your contributions will enable us to expand the Portal network in the future. As always, we appreciate the diligence and help provided by our Agents to help curate and expand the Portal Network.

For full details regarding high-quality Portal candidates, please review the following guidelines: https://support.ingress.com/hc/en-us/articles/207343987-Candidate-Portal-criteria

—The Ingress team

They also spoke about the 9,000 new Poke Stops and gyms added in a Japanese interview which can be found here. Tons of trainers will be excited about the addition of the new Poke Stops worldwide.
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