Otaku Highlights!: The Original Otaku Pioneers, Toei Animation!


What’s up Otaku Fam!,

It’s Wednesday again so you know we have another highlight from the Otaku culture for you! This week we will be highlighting one of the most iconic entities in Otaku Culture, Toei Animation Studios!

Toei Animation Co., Ltd was founded in 1956. When they first started out they were called “Toei Douga”. The feature Film Legend of the White Serpent was the studio’s first film before they got into all the epicness that we know them for today! In Japan, Toei Animation’s first title to gain popularity was Ken, The Wild Boy, which was the studio’s first anime series for broadcast Television. However, what kicked off the influence of Otaku Culture in the U.S. was Toei Animation Studios release of Astro Boy!



Fast forward a few years later, into the bustling Clinton era of the 90’s and young american audiences all over the county were introduced to the famous celestial teenage girl power squad, Sailor Moon in 1995!


Toei Animations Studio’s is also responsible for captivating our young hearts with with the most famous of all their animations, the Dragon Ball series! Dragon Ball debut in American in 1986 and later got a revamp in 1989 with its continuation, Dragon Ball Z! This more action oriented variant of the series is what made it so popular among the young audience as it became a pivotal catalyst in cementing our love for Japanese animation and continuing to spread the influence of Otaku Culture through the american youth.



Toei Animation has such a deep a rich history of breaking boundaries and becoming one of the preeminent forces that gave birth to the global phenomenon of Japanese animation. Even today, they still remain one of the most relevant animation studios to date, pushing out modern hits such as One Piece and Dragon Ball Super.


For this, we owe a token of appreciation to Toei Animation for continuing to push the culture forward and allowing us to discover something we never knew we would love so much. Let’s make sure to continue to support Toei Animation Studios, so that we can preserve the magical feeling of awe that has inspired us in countless ways for the next, upcoming, Otaku generation!


Thank you Toei Animations for all the awesomeness!