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Somewhere in the depth of the Earth there is a Hell, divided into numerous sectors. There inhabit demons and other evil beings known to humanity. In the surreal “Demon World” there are various demon’s gangs. The storyline of the anime series revolves around one of the bosses of such gangs, named Staz Charlie Blood. He is a vampire, who doesn’t like human blood, in principle, however, he is obsessed with the contemporary Japanese culture, such as video games, anime, manga, hi-tech gadgets, etc. One day, a stranger, human girl Fuyumi Yanagi appears into the “Demon World,” when she accidentally passed through a portal. Staz, full of happiness that he can see a real human, besides a representative of Japan is going to meet her. However, once he has distracted, the girl has been eaten by a carnivorous plant, whereupon she has turned into a ghost. Now, Staz together with the newly emerged ghost have to find any ways in order to resurrect Fuyumi, by overcoming a complicated way to accomplish that.


Blood Lad is a fun, light-hearted comedy adventure that could teach your average fighting anime a thing or two. Story has a fun start with Staz, Staz is a vampire who suffers from an affliction common to those with wealth and power (at least in anime): apathy and boredom. While he is at the top of the food chain and has carved out his own territory, he longs for something he can’t easily obtain—namely all things game- and anime-related from the human world. And when average human girl Fuyumi stumbles into the demon world and is killed, he decides to resurrect her and add her to his collection.Over the course of their adventure, they encounter tons of colorful characters—from vampires and werewolves to teleporters and shapeshifters. It’s always fun to see who the pair will encounter next.


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