Jump Festa 2017 Interview – Masashi Kishimoto And The Future Of Boruto : Naruto Next Generations!


Now for those of you that didn’t know, Kishimoto had gotten married during the serialization of Naruto, but he and his wife were unable to go on a honeymoon after getting married because of the workload of creating Naruto manga every week back to back.

The first question by Shonen Jump directly asks Kishimoto about his life after the series and if he did in fact take a break to go on a honeymoon. Kishimoto replies by saying he finally did get the chance by taking his wife and himself to see Mt. Fuji, as well as having another baby to keep him occupied.

Kishimoto is then asked about Boruto and he tells Shonen Jump that he tries to not look at it form a fans stand point, because he wants the material to be great. So he checks in time to time to make sure the story is still good, however the word he used is “separated.”

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