Boruto Theory: Curse Marks And Kawaki Storyline

Boruto Theory: Curse Marks And Kawaki Storyline

It seems so long ago when we saw Boruto and Kawaki on top of the Hokage Monument when we saw their strange markings. Today I have a theory about those markings and the plot of the manga as a whole.

Boruto Theory: Curse Marks And Kawaki Storyline
To start, I believe they are curse marks. But how did they both get them? And where does Kawaki come from?
I believe that eventually Boruto’s team will be on a mission to some village that has been destroyed mysteriously and they find Kawaki as a survivor who s very weak and can’t remember anything. They take him back to the village and Boruto asks his father if he can stay in the Hidden Leaf. Naruto agrees and lets him stay as a refugee. Boruto Theory: Curse Marks And Kawaki Storyline

After some time the next Chunin exams are happening and Kawaki is now a part of a team to Boruto’s surprise and they will be competing teams. It leads up to a point where the two face off one on one and Kawaki surprises Boruto again with his abilities. Boruto is shocked how strong someone who has only been in the village for so short a time could be this good.

Ultimately, Boruto loses to him but Kakawi is really friendly about the whole thing and congratulates Boruto’s efforts.

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