Pokemon GO: How Eggs Are Stored

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There have been many theories about how eggs are stored in your inventory. They don’t have dates or locations. Often, though, we can see them rearranged when we go to put them in incubators. What is the reason for this?

A Reddit user may have ended our long, stressful quest to this missing puzzle piece. With only a handful of Pokestops, this trainer noticed a pattern with his 2km and 10km eggs (the rarer eggs). It is easier to keep track of which stop provided a single egg, and this is how he figured this out!

Whenever traveling near the stop that gave him a 2km or 10km egg, DamnNatureY0uScary noticed the eggs would change positions. If he got close to the Pokestop that handed him a 10km egg, the 10km egg would show first (after all incubated eggs) in his storage.

When DamnNatureY0uScary headed home and got further away from the location, he received the 10km egg. The 2km egg would make it’s way back up top. Ironically enough, there happens to be a Pokestop near his house, and this is where he got the 2 km egg.

Have you noticed anything similar to this? Could this be the way eggs are stored? This could be very useful if this is how eggs are stored. It could help you determine what Pokemon may hatch, and data could even be collected to help further research for eggs and Pokestops.

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