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Pokemon Go: Squirtle Wearing Sun Glasses in this Event in Summer

The remake of this legendary scene from Pokemon anime was much needed in this game. With time, we are getting a lot of better updates. Some are buggy while the remaining ones the game all the more worth playing. As per the new update from our sources, Pokemon Go will have Squirtle wearing Sunglasses in the event during the summertime.

The Squirtle squad was actually the coolest crew from the Pokemon franchise. The squad couldn’t care any less about what others think of them. Now, imagine the coolest crew from the Pokemon joining the Pokemon GO. As per the update, the game will allow the user to unlock a Blastoise with the Hydro Cannon(rare), also there are possibilities of you finding a sunglasses-wearing Squirtle there in your city. Who knows, you might end up catching one?

Up until now, Pikachu is the only character that has got various outfits(different hats), and even though he’s got different outfits. He never got his hands on a cool sunglasses. It seems Niantic has been saving the cool look for Squirtle, the deserving one. Moreover, Squirtle is the only character after Pikachu to get a custom costume in Pokemon GO.

The update that includes Squirtle with sunglasses shall be out this July 8.

The Pokemon GO is an ARMG that took the world by a storm in 2016 by Niantic and the Pokemon Company. The game runs on all iOS and Android devices. Ever since the Pocket monsters game debuted, it’s very popular among us fans. We will be updating more information soon. Bookmark us, so you can read recently updated articles. Here is the official trailer of Pokemon GO: