How to make the most of this Christmas event ?

Yeah, I know the title seems shallow,.But hey try reading till the end.You might just find it interesting. Read on to find out more....


Well, well what do we have over here,  looks like Niantic labs do have a Christmas event in their socks after all, at last after many leaked information and ideas flying around the internet.Niantic has finally announced the event.You can read about it over here.

For those who can’t click the link here’s what’s happening:

  1. For a time you’ll get a one use incubator from poke stops to hatch eggs that you pick up in order to help you hatch more of the Johto babies. These babies have a higher hatch rate than normal for this event.
  2. Kanto starters and their evolutions will be showing up more often.
  3. Lures last 60 mins during this event
  4. Santa Chu will be around as well.
  5. incubator and baby Pokémon is starting from Dec.25 to Jan.3
  6. Kanto starters is from Dec.30-Jan.8


I am totally excited for this holiday event, probably the best event that Niantic can ever give us as 2016 has been a very unpredictable and upsetting.

Now don’t get all merry about this event, we have an idea that can help you make the most of this event.I don’t know bout you guys but I still don’t have a gen-2 baby yet.So I really want a gen-2 baby for Christmas (Yeah, I said that ok, don’t judge me now.)

But after think for a while and reading on the internet, about the reaction to this event announcement I found that there is a better way.(Trust me there is)


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