Is There Anything To Do At Level 40?

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Have you ever wondered what the game would be like once you hit level 40? You can’t level up anymore and more than likely you have already caught every Pokemon released up to date. It probably means that you also have all you battle Pokemon powered up and maxed out. So what can level 40 trainers do exactly other than gym battles?

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Well, there really isn’t a whole lot of gameplay right now. The objective of the game is to catch’em all with a side of gym battles here and there. Once a player already completes their Pokedex, there isn’t much need to hatch Pokemon anymore unless they still need the stardust. The only reason someone really needs stardust is if they plan on battling so they can get maxed out Pokemon. Rural trainers don’t have much incentive to fight gyms because of the lack in gyms.

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So what is there to do after completing the Pokedex and maxing out all of your battle Pokemon? Medals could be completed, but after reaching that many levels it wouldn’t be hard to say you wont have many more to complete. With second generation coming either before the end of the year or some time early next year. Level 40 players will have 100 new Pokemon to catch, train, and probably new medals to complete. After all of that is done, there isn’t anything to do in the game again.

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When dueling comes out, it’s hard to say for sure, but hopefully, this will allow for higher levels to enjoy their hard work. Battling should allow for rankings. If you lose a battle you lose ranking and fight others around where you are, and if you win you gain ranks. This will allow for more competitive fights and balance out the level difference between players.

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