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How to Stock up on those Pokeballs for winter?

It’s almost Christmas and in most of the places around the world this is the coldest time of the year, so stocking up those poke balls whenever you are at Starbucks down the street sounds like a great plan this time around.

With Niantic officially tweeting to the world that “stay tuned for more”, we might actually expect something groundbreaking updates from Niantic in the upcoming weeks. As it is cold out there we might actually expect an increased spawn rate for ice types. A strong Lapras would be a good counter for those overpowered Dragonites.

You would be better off is you spend the same on incubators and hatch more eggs in less amount of time and in turn gain more XP so that you get to encounter stronger Pokemon in the wild which in a way will help you to level up at a faster rate.

Here are some basic tips to help you save up on those precious Pokeballs

  • Improve your aim, unless you are a pro never try for the curveball XP bonus.
  • In the case of a Pokemon which is far away, try turning the AR mode on and off, it would automatically reset the Pokemon to the center of the screen in most of the cases.
  • When it comes to catching Pokemon which fly (Dragonite/Golbats/Charizard/), always remember to hold your phone properly before throwing.