Could These Pokemon Have Increased Spawn During the Christmas Event Too?!

New Spawn Points Added Unofficially But they Are There
New Spawn Points Added Unofficially But they Are There

Many are certain the baby Pokemon and festive Pikachu’s aren’t the Christmas event. Niantic Did mention there would be “events” before the end of the year. They released this information their conference with Sprint. Shortly after one event rolled out along with several new stops and gyms. So skepticism is to be expected.

Rumors spread around Snorlax should have an increased spawn rate throughout the “Christmas” event. What if Snorlax wasn’t the only Pokemon due to increased, lurking around your house at night? Niantic more than likely would have thrown out some kind of spoiler or any kind of information by now. Right?

Take a close look at that Squirtle totally checking out that trainer ;). Wait, that doesn’t seem to fit with this article? Did anyone else notice that Snorlax in the background? All holly and jolly… You probably didn’t realize the Pikachu using an electric attack to power up those Christmas light either. Don’t worry, though, this isn’t a test to see how much you picked out of the new loading screen.

In the new loading screen, you can also see the world smallest Eevee. Maybe that’s just because the cute little thing is cuddling up to Snorlax for warmth. It must be cold for the Pokemon too! There also happens to be a Clefairy and Squirtle in the new loading screen. And oh wait, possibly a Voltorb as well? No, forget that it’s starting to look more like a Pokeball now.

Trainers, the Christmas event might also have increased spawns for not only Snorlax and Pikachu’s. We will hopefully see more Clefairy’s, Eevee’s, and possibly even Squirtles! Honestly, Clefairy does seem to be a festive Pokemon, the others though maybe…

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