The Whereabouts Of The Bijuu After The War. Kishimoto’s Answer Himself!


One of the questions he received was regarding the whereabouts of the Bijuu. Kishimoto was being interviewed at the Big Apple. Kishimoto responded and said the following,

” I would hope they’re living happily ever after…..Kyuubi is still inside of Naruto….they’re leading comfortable lives’.”

So it can be said that even he doesn’t know the exact whereabouts of the Bijuu, although he inferred that they’re all living comfortable lives.

Pretty funny coming from Kishimoto to see that even he himself has gotten rusty on his Naruto knowledge. However this is an indication that he is indeed focused on his new manga that he has ben working on.

If you wish to see the whole interview, it can be found on iTunes and it is called “Meet the Creator – Masashi Kishimoto.” The Interview was held October 13th, 2015.

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