Pokemon GO: Vibration Bug Theory


Have you ever opened the game, let it load, and feel vibrations, but no Pokemon show up? Thinking the game just wasn’t rendering the Pokemon models, forcing you to restart the app in a huff. How about a rare Pokemon shows up on the near by. Each vibration leads to a common Rattata, or Pidgey, then it the game vibrates one last time. Spinning the screen left right and every which way, hoping it was that Chansey you saw on the near by. More than likely, this was the result of a bug everyone has experienced at least once.

Ironically, did you think about when the bug first started? Lets go back to when a famous rumor stated. Generation 2 Pokemon were suppose to be released on the 8th as part of the Starbucks sponsorship. Why weren’t they added? Some say it’s because the surprise was leaked, others say it was only speculation. Well, Sprint also wanted to sponsor Pokemon Go. What does that have anything to do with the bug though?

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