Prepare For The Christmas Event

Will A Christmas Event Be Next After The Halloween Event?

The event going on now is disbelieved to be the Christmas Event. Why, though? Well, the double Pokestop items event was first believed to be the Thanksgiving event, or that there wouldn’t be another event until Thanksgiving. It made since, and honestly, it was an enjoyable event. But Niantic proved us all wrong, Not only was there an event shortly after Halloween, but there was also a Thanksgiving event, shortly after the daily bonus event. This shows Niantic could care less about how often they through events out. There was even one for when Mcdonald’s sponsored Pokemon Go. They increased the spawn rate of Pokemon… how many remember that? 😉

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With Niantic holding an event for their sponsorship with Mcdonald’s why not do it with other sponsors? Well, they are. That is was this event is right now, it’s both the Starbucks and Sprint event. We have new Pokemon like what the leaked email showed, only they didn’t come out on the 8th. Sprint caught up with the Pokemon Go team and sponsored them. Holding off on the release of the new Pokemon only makes sense at this point. To clear things up a bit, this is more than likely NOT the Christmas event, it is only a sponsored event.

How can we get ready for the Christmas event then? Put aside around 10 or so dollars, you will more than likely need to buy incubators and lucky eggs. If you are one who doesn’t spend money on the game, it’s truthfully well worth it. If you still aren’t keen on buying items from the app, you may just be a bit behind in preparing and getting the most out of the event.

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