Could This Solve The Lack Of Pokestops?

Leaving Cool Pokémon Instead Of Maxed Out Pokémon In Gyms Works Too
Leaving Cool Pokémon Instead Of Maxed Out Pokémon In Gyms Works Too

As the majority of the player base knows, Pokestops are sparse for those who live in more rural areas of the world. Unfortunately, the closest city near me that has a decent amount of stops is about 45-minute drive.  The most stops in a small town that are somewhat close to each other is 6. Keeping enough Pokeballs tends to be hard for those who don’t get out a lot. Either they don’t have the time, or they just don’t want to battle the weather getting maybe 20 Pokeballs within the 30-minute walk.

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There is a solution, though, it is more of something that could be added in the game rather than something that will be added. Not only will it help rural players, but it is another thing to feel nostalgic about while playing the most popular video game franchise. Some may have forgotten, but for one who rather enjoyed the concept I haven’t let this feature in the games slip my mind. In fact, when the game first released this was the first feature I looked for.

After capturing 30 Pokemon and talking to one of Professor Oak’s aides found in a building on route 11, you will obtain an Itemfinder. This feature allowed players to find hidden items within the game. Most of the time being a various amount of berries and other health improving items. You also had a chance of getting somewhat rare items as well, such as a rare candy.

How could something like this be added in Pokemon Go? Well, there are a few different ways. One way is while Pokestops are common for larger towns and highly populated areas. Why not make Itemfinder more viable for rural areas? How it could work is the items will spawn so far away from Pokestops. Allowing it to be more common around rural areas and less for higher populated areas. To balance things out a bit more. The Itemfinder would have a charge of its own; walking will charge the Itemfinder.

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Once fully charged you would then be able to only gather so many items, making it more of a judgment on what items to pick up. How do you know where items are? Like the radius that pings for Pokemon and Pokestop range. There could be a 3rd ping that works for items a little larger than the red ring for Pokemon. When in range for an item, the Itemfinder will flash one of three colors. Whitish blue for common, Orangish yellow for uncommon and a deep red for rares (like the ranges in the game and it will have team colors.)

How the items could work in the game could be something in a sense like how eggs work. 2km are common, 5km are uncommon and 10km are rare, only for items it would work a bit different. Each color flash would have its own unique rarity chain.

White Flashes:

Common- Pokeballs, Potions, Revives

Uncommon- Greatballs, Super Potions (level 12), Razzberries, 1-2 Pokeballs, 1-2 Potions, 1-2 Revives

Rare- UltraBall, Hyper Potion (level 20), 1 Pokecoin, 1-2 Razzberries, 1-2 Greatballs, 2-3 Pokeballs, 2-3 Potions, 2-3 Revives

Orange Flashes:

Common- 2 Pokeballs, 2 Potions, 2 Revives, Greatball, Razzberry, Super Potion

Uncommon- 1-2 Greatballs, 1-2 Razzberries, Ultraball, Hyper Potion

Rare- 3-5 Pokeballs, 2-3 Greatballs, 2-3 Super Potions, 2-3 Revives, 2-3 Razzberries 1-2 Ultraballs, 2-3 Pokecoins, 1-2 Hyper Potions

Red Flashes:

Common- Ultraball, Hyper Potion, Revive, 2-3 Greatballs, 2-3 Razzberries, 5 Pokeballs,

Uncommon-  1-2 Ultraballs, 3-5 Greatballs, 2-4 Razzberries, 4-9 Pokeballs, 4-9 Potions, 4-9 revives

Rare- 2-3 Ultraballs ,4-5 Pokecoins, 10 Pokeballs, 5 Greatballs, 10 Revives, 10 Potions, 5 Super Potions, 5 Razzberries, 2-3 Hyper Potions, Max Potion, Max revive

Green Flashes:

Ultra Rare- Egg Incubator, Lure, Lucky egg, Insense, 20 Pokeballs, 10 Greatballs, 5 Ultraballs, 10-15 Pokecoins

Keep in mind these are just quantities I came up with as an example of how things could work. What happens if people abuse the item finder? Well, there are a few things that can prevent that. First of all the items won’t show up unless you charge the item finder; .5km will be enough for 1 item ping. I know it wont be hard to walk/drive a good 10-20km in a day, but one if you think about it that would only be enough for 40 items more depending on how long you are out, but not much. There would also be a charge cap that depends on your level. For every 5 levels is rewarded 10 more charges to your cap.

Though that won’t be the only thing limited by your level. With the chance for level 12 items being greater with the Orange light, the light could be unlocked once you hit level 12 and the same with the level 20 unlocked rewards and the red flash. The green however could be unlocked once the player hits level 25-30. Why? This wouls still allow Niantic to profit from the game as not only would the green light be super rare, but it will be limited to those who actually play the game, and with to continue even further. Not only that, but it would show that Niantic truly cares about the long term/ true trainers that wish to “catch ’em all”.

How the Itemfinding system will work for those who may not know, is you have a chance of only finding 1 type of item, so if you found and item you would only be able to obtain that item only, some with a chance of a greater quantity.

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