Pokemon Go Upcoming Christmas Event Prediction


As many already know, yet another event is getting ready to hit in a one or two weeks. It’s undetermined how long this event will last, or if it will last up until New Years. There are several theories about what’s to come, and here is my predicament, basing these opinions off recent game updates, and the trailer of Pokemon Go.

First, we will go ahead and start off with Mewtwo. He was seen in the trailer before Pokemon Go was even released, the event lead people to fight him. It is uncertain if you will be able to fight him more than one, assuming that defeating him is how you catch him. With Ditto being released for Thanksgiving; the developers thanking its supporters, Other Pokemon will be released during events. Niantic has mentioned a while ago, the legendaries will be event Pokemon. Mewtwo seems to me like a good finish and an excellent start to the new year.

While we are talking about legendaries, let’s go ahead and get the birds out of the way too. Theories have mentioned you may need to collect feathers to get these famous birds, but I’m not here to say how to get them without there being a whole lot over that topic. I’m here to say they will more than likely be a part of the Christmas event, just before Mewtwo’s release. Don’t see a reason behind them holding on to these event Pokemon after the new year starts. There aren’t many reasons for events until a few months after 2017.


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