Niantic tricks Ditto so hard!!


Every one loves Pikachu, or maybe one Exception, Ditto…

So, many of us should have caught the new released festival Pikachu, with a very cute Christmas Hat. However, it is yet a bad news for Ditto, as its ability for perfection transformation is being doubted again.

Ditto: Last time it was your eyes, this time it is your hat…… I am so done with this.. 🙁

So ya, some people had tried Ditto fighting with the “Christmas Pikachu” at Gym, or other way round, and realize that the Ditto was not able to imitate the hat of the Pikachu.

That’s all for today! We will probably going to see some more baby pokemon of Gen II in Gyms. Trainers in a few days. Let’s take some walk and fill up our Pokedex!

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