December 12th Pokemon go update,what do we know ?


To all the poke fans out there,going crazy all over the internet and preparing for gen 2 for the past few weeks your hard work has finally paid off as Gen 2 was announced this Monday,let’s get to that in few seconds.

Gen 2 is here guys(WOO HOO!),Well not all the Gen 2 Pokemon yet. (ikr that’s kind of a bummer) Pokemon go took to twitter and announced that more Pokemon like Pichu and Togepi have been added to Pokemon go,which essentially is Gen 2 baby Pokemon from the original Gold and Silver games.

You can go check out the post from the Pokemon company’s website here 

So what do we make of it ? For starters, we can start assuming that Niantic is having a hard time figuring out how to fit in Gen 2 Pokemon in the current realm of things given that Niantic inc is a relatively small company.At least Gen 2 Pokemon have been introduced in mini sized Pokemon.

Trainers can now collect new eggs from poke stops, instead of hatching a Pikachu,Magmar,Electabuzz we now get the baby versions of the same.Now the distance for of egg has not yet changed,In easier terms.Prior to Monday,if you hatch a 2km egg there is a possibility of hatching a Pikachu,right now there is a possibility of hatching a Pichu instead.

Baby Pokemon

Now another takeaway is that Pikachu candy has not been replaced by Pichu candy,Now that’s something that most of the users will not actually care about much.(At least I don’t)

Also to embrace the holiday spirit,trainers can now catch a Pikachu,which is “Special edition” version of Pikachu wearing a festive holiday hat (Aww, that’s cute) other than this I don’t think there are many changes in the game.This festive holiday event will run it’s course until the 29th of December.Now for those players who think what is the use of this special Pikachu,well at least you can spice up your Pokemon collection with this.Also when international trading is a thing and new users start coming to the game they might value this “Special edition” Pokemon which could be exchanged for valuable regional exclusives like Mr. Mime.

Have fun hunting those Pikachus,and have a fun vacation.Got views/theories of your own, drop em down in the comments down below to start a discussion.

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