How To Always Get An Accuracy Bonus


In one of my latest posts, I covered how to get the accuracy “Nice” throw every time. Though many disbelieved I wouldn’t cover how to get great and excellent throws. Just leave it at the “Nice” Bonus. I had an idea on how to get a Great throw often. Why settle for that when I can say I figured out how to get Excellent throws often. Getting an excellent throw is still hard to do, even after knowing how it’s done.

Many believe it all matters on how big the catch circle is, though that stands true, that isn’t everything needed in order to get a bonus throw. The key to getting a bonus every time relies on not only the circle but also rather or not the ball lands in the catch circle. This is why it is so hard to get excellent throws unless you have mastered this technique. I’m still unsure rather the button of the ball needs to be facing the Pokemon. The main reason why is it doesn’t seem to matter when I try for a “Nice” throw. When I try to get great or excellent it seems to matter, or I could just be barely missing the hit box for the accuracies.

In the pictures below shows about where the catch circles need to be. Nice seems to be the most accurate screenshot of them all, but it’s hard to time the delay just right. For both great and excellent, the circles need to be a tad bit smaller (or so I believe.) After you get the hang of accurate throws. You can then master the curve ball for the slightly increased catch rate alongside the accurate boost. Not to mention the extra experience given could boost the rate you level.

The “L” throw people keep talking about (where you drag your Pokeball to either side of the screen.) seems to make it easier to throw curve balls. Maybe that’s why it was implemented in the game? Hope these tips are as helpful for you as they are me, my family, and friends.


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