The Pokemon GO Starbucks Update just happened!


The Pokemon GO Starbucks Update just happened!


Are you ready for a chain of events about to happen during the last few weeks of this year?

While the Starbucks event was naturally supposed to be the announcement of 100 new Pokemon. Starbucks completely ruined that for us by leaking the news, triggering Niantic to remove this from their deal. Now Starbucks won’t have such a credible hype for Pokemon GO.

I’d love to thank the Starbucks employee who couldn’t keep their mouths shut for a few weeks, by allowing random customers to take images of their emails and printed papers of the secret update. Which after being leaked has been changed multiple times.

We can thank Starbucks for the new edition of 8,000 new Poke Stops and Gyms. Starbucks is creating a special-edition Pokémon GO Frappuccino® for everyone to enjoy while hitting these Poke Stops which I recommend you don’t try if you don’t want a stomach ache later on.

Starbucks is now an official partner of Pokemon GO, which is amazing for Poke Stops, not so much of health as it seems like Niantic is going towards a Coffee/Fast food sponsorship phase. The only logical partnership I’ve seen so far has come from Sprint, which obviously more will come later on. Coffee is obviously a huge deal for most Americans, as it has a rich history.

An official announcement for the Generation 2 update will happen on the 12th rather than today, so be ready for that. Niantic has a bunch of features they’re removing from the disabled list, such as Pokemon Costumes and Gen 2 which due to the Starbucks leak Niantic actually decided to remove the Gen 2 sprites and code from the source code itself. This means the Gen 2 update can happen virtually anytime on or after the 12th.

Here is Niantic’s Official Statement

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