Possible Features Following The Release Of Generation 2

Here is a list of a few new feature added into generation 2.



  • Time specific Pokemon/ Happiness levels
  • Shiny Pokemon
  • Breeding/ Gender
  • Berry “trees”/ Held Items
  • Gifting/ Friend system
  • Roaming Legendaries

Some of these features have already been confirmed or talked about by Niantic, like breeding. Others, on the other hand, aren’t confirmed and really haven’t been covered. I am going to over possible features we may see following generation 2. Keep in mind, other mechanics were added after the Johto region, like Pokemon abilities. I will cover those another day so stay tuned!

Two widely known mechanics are breeding and shiny Pokemon. To start things off, a shiny Pokemon is a slightly altered color of its original species. The most iconic shiny Pokemon is the red Gyarados. Its normal color is blue. Finding the off colored Pokemon though isn’t as easy as it may sound; they are a rarer version of a Pokemon. This feature will allow players to fill out the Pokedex with normal and shiny Pokemon forms.

Breeding allows for a female Pokemon and Male Pokemon too, well in simple terms, mate. In order for a feature like this to work, genders would have to be introduced into Pokemon GO first. How such an act will work without a daycare center, I’m not sure, to be honest, but it is widely believed to be seen in the future of the games life cycle. Breeding will affect players by an egg being given to them without having to hit a Pokestop. Bred eggs I suspect to work differently than eggs rewarded from Pokestops.

This, a very unlikely feature, but something to question, berries and berry trees were implemented into the game in generation 2. In terms of Pokemon go, I’m not sure how something like these would work, or what different types of berries could be put in the game, so let’s go ahead and combine berries and held items.

Like trading, the dueling system is supposed to reach the game live at some point. The dueling system would add a whole new style of battle with your Pokemon, with held items and berries could enhance the battling system even more. How so? The berries in the Nintendo games have healing properties, they can cure debuffs like paralysis and sleeping Pokemon. Other berries could heal a certain amount of hit points. If the “held item” feature gets infused with the coding, then I could see a larger variety of berries, held by Pokemon to use in battles.

The other features may be a bit harder to put into the game, the happiness level used for some of Johto Pokemon’s evolution I don’t see being put into the game because evolution stones weren’t put in for generation 1. I do see them including the time specific Pokemon. What I mean by this is, in the morning you may have more of a Pokemon spawn, and same thing for afternoon and night. If this is added then we can expect Espeon and Umbreon spawning more in their time frames. If you evolve an Eevee within one of the time frames; morning you would get Espeon, and at night you would get Ubreon, this would probably only be a chance so trainers still have a chance of getting Jolteon, Vaporeon, and Flareon.

Without legendaries being in the game right now, it’s going to be hard to determine what Niantic plans for the release of the first roaming legendaries; Entei, Suicune, and Raikou. An event for these legendaries and other roaming legendary Pokemon could include something like regional Pokemon, or like the Japanese Lapras event. This would give the effect of them “roaming”.

Everyone enjoys being given gifts, and not so much, giving gifts. A feature allowing players to gift friends items could make its way into the game. First, of course, there will need a be a friends system. The friend system might work like the system found in second generation, allowing the protagonist to add numbers of trainers (s)he comes across. I know I’ve had to delete Pokeballs I would have rather given away. If this feature is added, it could allow trainers to help each other out even more!