B-Project: Real Animated Idols!!!!


B-Project: Real Animated Idols!!!!

Summer 2016, B-project: Kodou Ambitious, an idol anime, written by the creators of Uta no Prince-sama hits the screen.

What is more surprising, it is not just an anime. B-project is real.

Yes, they are fictional characters but they sing and sell their albums and CDs like real artists. This is kind of similar to Vocaloid. The difference is that Vocaloid uses voice synthesizer software while B-project songs are recorded by the characters’ voice actors. This is not something strange since many anime series also have their characters’ songs.

B-project even has its own website: http://bpro-official.com/

B-project singers are all handsome boys from Mages company. B-project comprises of 4 idols group: Kitakore, Thrive, MooNs and Killer King

Kitakore members are Ryuji Korekuni and Tomohisa Kitakado. In the anime, the gentle, protective and kind and wealthy Tomo-chan is best suited to be the leader of B-pro.  Ruyji owns a feminine beauty.


Thrive members are Goushi Kaneshiro, Kento Aizome and Yuta Ashu. Kaneshiro is short-tempered but kind. Aizome is a real play boy for the fact that he is handsome and flirty. Yuta is a cheerful one who keeps the band going. He always stops Kaneshiro and Aizome frequent but trivial quarrels.


MooNs members are Hikaru Osari, Tatsuhiro Nome, Kazuna Masunaga, Momotaro Onzai and Mikado Sekimura. Hikaru and Tatsuhiro have been best friends before the band is formed. Kazuna has super power, he can sense evil spirit. Kazuno is an hyperactive member and sometimes dramatic too. Mikado is considered the leader of MooNs. He has a complex for Tomohisa, which is fun to watch in the anime.


Killer King, which is not part of the anime, has 4 members: Yuzuki Teramitsu, Akane Fudo, Haruhi Teramitsu and Miroku Shingari.


Two of their songs are used as opening and ending song in the anime. The opening song is Kodou Ambitious by Kitakore, Thrive and MooNs. The ending song is Hoshi to Tsuki no Sentence by Kitakore and this is one of the best ending songs of the season. Their songs are really catchy and can cheer you up. And in the anime, you get to see them dance in group.

All of their songs are available on iTunes and check out the list of their songs and release dates: http://bproject.wikia.com/wiki/CD

In the next month, Muteki Dangerous by B-project is planned to be released on the same date as Hungry Wolf by Killer King on 21st December 2016. Kento Aizome and Kazuna Masunaga solo character songs are also released in December.

There will be more amazing songs coming in the first three months of 2017 so stay alert B-project fans!

Summer is, indeed, a season for all hot guys. Another 2 anime series that have all handsome male characters also came out Summer 2016. Tsukiuta The Animation is another idol anime with amazing animation and choreography. Servamp is an action, comedy and vampire show.