Who’s That Pokemon?


That’s right it’s time for Pokerap number 2 for the Johto Pokemon, soon coming to the game. Leaked photos show that the update will happen on the 8th along with Starbucks adding a new Pokemon themed drink to their menu. Trainers, be sure to stock up on Pokeballs before this massive update goes live!

My first Pokerap was poorly done if I do say so myself. I didn’t know what to write, there really wasn’t anything else for me to add to this article Pokerap Kanto Pokemon. That’s different for this one!

Shiny Pokemon appearing with the release of the new Pokemon; a rumor started a while back. I was disappointed that they weren’t already in the game, but then it all made sense. Shiny Pokemon weren’t added until Johto, the most recognizable being Gyarados. Though this is only a rumor, it is one I hope for. It would give me, and other players something more to do if the Pokedex is already completed; complete the Pokedex with shiny Pokemon.

The Unknown Pokemon, though counted as only a Single Pokemon, there are 28 of these letter shaped Pokemon two of them are the explication point and question mark while the others are the 26 letters of the Latin alphabet. These ancient Pokemon are used as a lost language and are fun to mess with or even use as means to communicate with friends


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