Devil Survivor 2 the Animation: Summon devils from mobile app


Waiting for new episode of anime this season? Running out of short and good anime? Fan of Kuroko no Basket?How about trying Devil Survivor 2 the Animation, a Nintendo DS game based anime from 2013?

For a series based on video game, Devil Survivor 2 is a great anime with decent art and music, profound perception of humanity.

Genre: Action, Fantasy, Supernatural

Summary: The world is attacked by mysterious invaders called Septentriones for 7 days. Septentriones are created to return the Earth to the void and to trial humanity. To help the world survive the Judgement days, Hibiki Kuze and his friends fight back by summoning demons from a mobile app. The strength of the demons is directly proportional to the abilities of the summoners.

Starring: Hiroshi Kamiya (seiyuu of Seijuro Akashi), Junichi Suwabe (seiyuu of Daiki Aomine)

The background idea is quite creative and exciting. The mobile app allows user to see the death clips of their friends in the future and summon demons to fight back Septentriones and save their friends’ lives.

With only 13 episodes, the fights are rushed because there is no buffing. This can’t be helped since it is based on a video game.  The plot is not that amazingly developed but it is still enigmatic enough to keep you watching to the last episode. ‘Our world is like a terminal cancer’ (Hotsuin Yamato). Then what could Hibiki do to avoid the destruction of humanity? What could Hibiki do to save the world that can’t be saved?


The 2 main characters are very straightforward and determined. They go down the paths they have chosen until the very end and there is no changing of mind.

Hibiki is a good kid and yet powerful. He wins because of his sincere feelings for his friends. Hibiki looks like Yuuichirou, the main character of Owari no Seraph, but I can guarantee that Hibiki is more useful and less a softie because he has the same voice actor as Akashi.

Hotsuin is talented and the strongest one in the show. He wins because of his absolute strength and resolution. ‘The notion of set fate is ridiculous. Cause and effect can be bent through strength’. ‘The only one who can save the world is me. The world survives to this day because of me.’ Sound familiar? I am sure that you can see Daiki Aomine here. It’s interesting that Hotsuin and Aomine share the same voice actor and same position, being the strongest one. Hotsuin is willing to sacrifice anyone to make his dream come true and his way of life is so wrong but you can’t 100% disagree with him for his reason is also genuine.


Hibiki and Hotsuin remind me of Naruto and Sasuke but to be honest, I like the determination and ideals of Hibiki and Hotsuin more.

In conclusion,

If you enjoy watching battle with dazzling art, Devil Survivor 2 will not let you down.

If you enjoy philosophical and deep ideas about humanity and living, Devil Survivor 2 surely has good ones. The ending is meaningful, satisfying and fulfilling. ‘Living is anxiety and pain. It’s continuing to think, continuing to choose.’

If you want to hear more of your beloved Akashi and Aomine voices while waiting for KnB Extra game movie next year, Devil Survivor can fill the hole for the time being.

I found this anime while I was looking at voice actors of Kuroko no Basket. (the voice actors for KnB are incredible, as if they were born for the characters of KnB). With great affection for Akashi’s voice, I decided to try Devil Survivor 2 and I did not regret it.

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