Pokemon Go: Chansey is a Beast!


Chansey has emerged as a top contender and it is throwing the Pokemon Community in a scurry as people try using her and submitting their feedback. Before I continue, please feel free to join me on Facebook and send me your personal opinions on Chansey because all feedback is absolutely appreciated — especially during times of big updates!

Chansey is supposed to be a tanky defender; she does not hit hard, but her ridiculous HP makes her annoying to deal with. Recently with the combat-power (CP) update, Chansey received a huge buff.

Chansey’s maximum status is now the following:
Stamina: 500
Attack: 60
Defense: 176
Max CP: 1469
CP buff: +157.08%

Chansey may not hit hard, but Chansey’s defense and HP makes her an absolute hassle dealing with. In most cases, she is unable to be defeated in the allotted time-frame. If you are unable to defeat her in 60 seconds, you lose the match. On the next page, we emphasize her increased-performance by sharing Reddit-users’ experiences.

In some cases, maxed out Dragonites are having issues defeating her within the battle time.

Reddit user cowboys5xsbs:

I threw my 1200 CP 97% Chansey in a gym yesterday to see how it would do. My friend used a 3200 dragonite and almost timed out. Blissy is going to be insane if everything stays the same.

Reddit user MastrShreddr:

2100 vaporeon couldn’t beat my 1216 chansey lol. Timed out.

Reddit user GenkaiX1:

“Chansey is an amazing defender now. There’s only a narrow band of pokemon that can effectively kill it quick enough to not run the risk of timing out. Putting a Chansey at the lower level of a gym is going to be an amazing wall.”

Reddit user Kaldare:

“What? You realize Chansey is Normal type, right? She’s not a Fairy, and thus not weak to either Steel or Poison. Neither of those two would do anything if a Dragonite couldn’t get through. Her only ‘weakness’ is fighting, and all the game’s fighting moves are such utter garbage that they’re worse then Dragonite’s moves even when they’re Super Effective.”

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