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Pokemon GO Needs This Healing Feature for Friendly Gyms

While most trainers use-friendly gyms to train, it can be a bother to heal and revive your fainted Pokemon after the battle. It seems as if Niantic has put little thought into the healing process for the game as they’ve been focusing on the tracker as of late. While the game does not sell revives and potions in the store, this feature would not affect the business side of Niantic and in my opinion increase playtime.

This idea should be credited to JasonRox88 as he’s come up with an amazing idea that had my brain surging with ideas as the game lacks a proper healing feature other than potions and revives. A big feature of the original GBA games along with manga and anime is the Poke Center, which it seems Niantic forgot about. We’ve got a personal Poke Market with their store however it seems dull and rather boring than adding Poke Markets around our cities.

How the healing feature would work is, by selecting your team for battle if they’re low health already then the gym will fully restore their health while you prepare for battle. If you win the gym battle then the healing feature will heal your Pokemon so you will leave without needing to use revives or potions.

Now you got this problem where potions and revives become useless, well you’re wrong. A huge feature in Pokemon is battling, which during battles there could be an item feature to allow us to use X Speed items and or potions/revives to make things more interesting.

Remember this is just an idea, so let me know what you think in the comment section!