Pokemon Go: 61 Items from one Pokestop! [CONFIRMED]

Today, something remarkable happened: A user received 60 items from a Pokestop and posted the information proving it! Before reading further, please note these photos are indeed real from out fact-checkers. [*Update: User proved 61 items found on page 3; this article is developing]. On Reddit, ReversalonYoutube posted screenshots proving his remarkable find.

The hysterical part of all this is the individual only received one ultra ball out of the item found! That’s right! One lousy ultra ball out of 60 items! We can discuss that at a later point, but many are asking questions.

How can we all do this?

Details on the next page attempt explaining how this is done; also, others are reporting their findings as well.
Reddit user, Bigted41, attempted explaining his theories on how this occurs with the recent updates pertaining to item bonuses:

“getting 7-day streak and 10th stop in under 30 minutes at the same time. so they spin 9 stops just before midnight and spin the next one after midnight on the 7th day.”

We have yet to fact-check this claim, but it is important to provide the idea so others close to the 7-day streak bonus can attempt it themselves.

Although many are on their 5 day-streaks, others in New Zealand are reporting further streaks. I have not been able to confirm the exact details, but Reddit user “Yifkong” suggested the following:

“Same for me – I think on some platforms in some regions of the world it retroactively applied the update before everyone else got it. I can confirm iOS in Chicago got me a day 5 streak this morning, but it sounds like New Zealand (already ahead a day just about, time zone wise) is seeing some 7-dayers”

And many others are now reporting ridiculous amounts of items as well! The next page has pictures of journal findings.

Another user, Cakeapo, reported 37 items from a single Pokestop! And 61 items was reported by Reddit user Rhystagram

Regardless of the overall meaning, this is an important find. Niantic often suggests there are hidden easter eggs and it will be interesting if combined bonuses drop other items such as incubators or lures; although unlikely, and very slim, the new updates at least provide hope of something different, unique, and worth exploring.

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