Who could be the next Sanin?


Jiraiya, Orochimaru and Tsunande, all together are known as the legendary Sanin. They have trained and raised each their own students that has inherited their will and fighting style. Mind you being a student of the Sanin doesn’t necessarily mean that one is going to inherit their master’s way.

As jiraiya had multiple students but only Naruto was the one who inherited Jiraiya’s legacy. The same was the case with Orochimaru and Tsunande. But hopefully, team 7 which inherited the Sanin’s way of fighting will be soon having their own disciples who will further inherit the 3 way deadlock Summoning.

Image result for 3 way summoningSo this time we will try to theorize on who could be the next Sanin. The ones who will inherit Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura’s Summoning. Well this might be clear to figure out, as the three will be made up of one to master mount Myoboku’s Senjutsu from the toads.

The one to master snake summoning and the one to master medical Ninjutsu and be able to summon Katsuyu. From the fourth great war we witnessed the 3 way summoning in action, but this time it is not yet revealed from Boruto next Generations.

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