Pokémon Go: Are There More Rare Pokémon Spawning?

Recently, there has been a massive increase in Pokémon Spawns in general, so of course, there would also be more rare Pokémon appearing too. The question, whether or not, there have been more rare Pokémon spawning recently, has a simple answer and it is yes. After the latest update, Niantic released recently, there has been a massive increase in Pokémon Spawns in general. That also means there would also most likely be more rare Pokémon appearing too.

There is also a chance that several rare Pokémon clusters spawn in one place. So that increases Pokémon trainer’s chances of finding multiple rare Pokémon in one spot, rather than just one of them as per the previous norm. This is not just a theory as many players around the world are claiming to have witnessed this.

It’s not just rare Pokémon but also region exclusive Pokémon that are becoming more common. According to many players and myself included, we have noticed an increase in the spawn rate of region exclusive Pokémon. The update has increased your chances of seeing region exclusive Pokémon cluster spawns as well. More commonly, instead of cluster spawns, we see more species appearing in pairs. This happened a lot the other week with the Halloween event, but it seems to have continued afterward as well.

This recent update has increased your chance of catching several ultra-rare Pokémon, instead of just one at a time. So, get excited Pokémon Go trainers because now more than ever, you can start to stock up on ultra-rare and region exclusive Pokémon. That is all. If you have noticed this or if you like or dislike the increase in rare Pokémon, please let us know in the comments below.