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Winter Event: Full Wishlist!

After the success of the Halloween event, there has been speculation at Otaku HQ about the possibility of a winter event too. Coupled with lowering temperatures, what would get you out in the snow? Here’s what we fancy.

Increased Ice-type spawns.

Just like the increase of ghost type spawns through the event, we’d love to ice type spawns in a winter event to get you in a festive, chilly mood. Shellder; Cloyster; Seel; Dewgong and even Lapras would certainly get us out in the cold!

More candy!

One thing that has brought back players to Pokemon go is the introduction of double candy on pretty much everything. This would be a simple thing to implement, as it’s been done this week to great effect. The high influx of players returning this week is likely to make Niantic realize how effective this could be at bringing their active users up.

Seasonal weather effects.

A popular feature in the main series games is the inclusion of weather effects. What if we could have seasonal effects in the battles? For example, in the Halloween event now we could have experienced a buff to ghost, dark and psychic type moves. In Winter, we’d love a buff to ice type moves too. Those Dragonites you see everywhere would take a larger beating if so, and you might even be able to use some of those lesser-used ice types to train!

Seasonal avatar clothing.

Extra clothes in those chilly temperatures could be a nice way to get people in the seasonal mood. Hats, gloves, big coats, and boots would be a nice touch to match what you’d be wearing outside!

And you never know, we might even have a tracker by December…

What do you think about the Winter event proposed? Let us know in the comments!