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Pokemon Go Glitch and Blackout

Pokémon Go is the famous mobile game licensed by Japanese entertainment giant Nintendo has everyone talking about it and running around with their smartphones in the search and hopes to catch all the available Pokémon that the developers let loose worldwide.

The popularity of the game captivates people all over the world, from North America to Europe, the use of Augmented reality has its caveats: Accidents, server failures, some unfortunate trampling stampedes. That’s one aspect of the social hype. The other element, –the one we focus on in this article– relies on the tech issues with the game.

Pokémon Go drains battery life, it is frequent to see many people with their mobile device hooked up to a power bank. Still, many eager Pokémon Go fans face a myriad of problems with the app. Functionality is more or less limited when players move at high speed, something the developers did on purpose to avoid people from crashing their cars at a highway when they’re supposed to pay their attention to the road instead of their phone.

Pokemon Go Glitch
Pokemon Go Black Glitch

The Pokémon Go app demands either an Android device –with KitKat 4.4 or later, a display resolution of 1280×720 or higher and a minimum of 2gb of RAM– or an iPhone 5 or later –with iOS 8 or later.

The app tends to crash and often glitch, something the developers took notice after the massive success and feedbacks they receive from eager fans. Pokemon go app Frequently freezes, which require many tricks to unlock the app. Also, many users report that if their GPS isn’t enabled, the app won’t run because the design of the software requires a GPS connection to link the user’s movements with the data.

pokemon go
pokemon go nasty glitch

Another common issue in iOS Pokémon Go users is that after iOS 10, some iPhone users report sound issues, a problem that gets fixed by logging out and reinstalling the app. There is a myriad of problems that developers for Pokémon Go face as they deal with the faulty app, something they will fix in later updates and patches as they gather the data and intelligence to properly tackle each issue as it pops up.

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