5 Things the Pokémon GO Shop Needs

Pokémon GO is full of great items for enhancing gameplay, but the shop could use more. Here are ten things we would like to see come to the Pokémon GO shop.

New Poké Balls

The Pokémon universe is filled with several types of Poké Balls. Why can’t we get things like Dusk Balls and Net Balls in Pokémon GO? We could get them from spinning Poké Stops as well as the shop. Buying individual types of balls might clutter up the store, so why not have Poké Ball packages? They could come with a certain number of each ball depending on how many coins you spend. Great Balls and Ultra Balls would not be a bad addition either.


It took me forever to evolve an Exeggutor with the move set I wanted. It would have been a lot easier if I could have just used my coins to purchase a Solar Beam TM. If you are like me and want your Pokémon to know certain moves, TMs would be very helpful.

Selling Options

What the shop really needs is the option to sell items. This feature is already in the handheld Nintendo games. Instead of tossing extra Razz Berries to make room for more Potions, you could sell those berries to the shop for more coins! I’m sure that this option will never be available considering Niantic would make less money (more than likely), but it is fun to think about.


I mean really, why are potions NOT in the shop? I can guarantee you I would be using my coins on potions if they were included for purchase.

Held Items

How about introducing items that you can equip to your Pokémon like the Choice Band or healing berries. This would help bring more strategy to the battles that currently just type match-us with lots of tapping.

What do you think should be included in the Pokémon GO Shop? Let us know in the comments below!