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Niantic Messes with Blackberry Owners in Last Update

It’s now commonly known, that due to many imperfections in Niantic’s anti-root security system, lots of non-rooted Android users struggle to play the game, or can’t even launch it at all. This issue has tormented trainers using devices running the Android OS for a very long time and it seems like it won’t go away anywhere soon.

After the last night’s update, blackberry users are believed to be blocked from playing the game. According to a Reddit user named “itsrachelfish” she is unable to log in since the most recent patch.

I woke up this morning to find Pokemon Go had stopped working on my phone. I tried everything: restarting my phone, log out and back in, I even uninstalled and reinstalled the app. No matter what I do the game says “Unable to authenticate. Please try again.” or “Unable to connect to server”. I asked my boyfriend to try opening the game to see if it was an issue with the local Pokemon servers, but he’s able to connect just fine.”

The problem might be caused by the fact, that Blackberry devices often have extra security software installed, which PoGo may see as external hacks, cheats, or something interfering with the game in a bad way. Hopefully, the Niantic will solve this problem soon.
You can find more info here.


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